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About SolarPurpose

Solar Purpose LLC is a dedicated solar energy company providing turnkey solutions for residential and commercial clients in Denver, Pueblo and Ft. Collins, Colorado. We have a decade of experience in the industry and setting the standard for solar customer service. Trust our specialists to completely revolutionize your setup – so you can start reaping the benefits of solar energy right away.

Our Services

If you’re looking to reduce electric bills and go green or protect your home from power outage our team will determine most efficient solar system and installation method for your individual needs, your budget and your aesthetics.
With our decade of experience, 25 years product warranty, and a perfect team of engineers and installers you can rely on SolarPurpose for planning, design and build for your commercial solar project.
Custom design
We propose solutions for any customer needs starting from off-grid solar power supply for remote areas to sun tracking systems, solar powered water pumps, and complex monitoring systems.

How does Solar Power Work?

Solar systems that we install for homes are really simple, and consist from 2 main devices which we add to your house – solar panels and grid tied inverter

1. Photovoltaic (solar) panels convert sun energy to electrical energy in form of direct current (DC).

2. Grid tied inverter converts DC to alternating current, same as in your grid.

3. Your home electrical load such as lights, computers and other devices consumes power from the same grid.

4. Electrical meter measures the amount of energy that you feeded or consumed from the grid.

5. Electrical grid provides you with power when needed and recieves your solar power when you have too much of it

How Much does Solar Installation Cost?

A solar installation cost depends on your roof size and type, monthly electricity consumption, system design and equipment producers. For an average house in Colorado, a 5 kWp solar system cost may be as little as $10 000 after tax deductions, saving you over $15 000 on electricity bills during its lifetime.
To encourage the expansion of solar, government offers a Solar Investment Tax Credit. As a result, homeowners can reduce the net cost of their solar panel installation by 30%.
Start with zero down – you can have your home up and running on clean, renewable energy any payments in front with a solar loan. We can propose you best loan options with low interest rates.

What are My Savings with Solar?




With flexible solar loan programs, it is possible to divide price of solar installation by from 5 to 20 years. With a long period loan, you can start saving with zero investments up front. With a shorter loan term, your total savings are higher.



If you can afford it now, purchasing the panels outright will maximize the savings. You’ll get other financial benefits from buying outright, like rebates and tax credits, that you get to apply to the system. In the long run, it’s cheaper than leasing. You get the best price, and have the advantage of earning tax breaks from your city or state.

Our clients already produced  kWh of solar energy,  USD and  kg of CO2 emissions

Easy Steps to Go Solar

Step 1: Talk to a solar expert
One of our experienced consultants will ask you a few simple questions to determine if your home is right for solar, and what payment option suits you best.
Step 2: System Design & Configuration
Our team will custom design a system based on your home’s roof space, sun direction, shading and your energy needs and then handle all the paperwork before, during and after installation.
Step 3: Installation
Your system will be installed by our team of our highly qualified accredited technicians.
Step 4: Connecting to the grid
Finally, the exciting part. Once your current utility provider gives the OK,
you get to flick the switch to start generating your own clean, natural energy and enjoy hundreds and thousands of long-term cost savings.
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