Find the Right Solar Solution for Your Building

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Solar Purpose, LLC provides a range of custom services to install effective solar power systems for our clients. We have provided solutions for both residential and commercial units throughout the Denver, Pueblo, and Ft. Collins areas, and would be happy to help you find a better and more energy-efficient solution for your power.

Roof Mounted Systems

We offer three categories of roof mounted systems – all of which provide 25 years of reliable solar energy. The main difference between them all? The extras, such as type of racking, type of inverter, online monitoring and animal guards, just to name a few. Get a general overview of each system down below.

Good Systems Synopsis

Good Systems are great for homes. They are custom designed to be a great fit for the financial and structural needs of a home. Many homeowners choose this option because it is efficient and affordabe, custimizable and upgradable, and great for non-restrictive areas.

Here is what we offer in our ‘Good’ system packages:

  • Unirac racking is used to fasten the panels to the roof and an effective, efficient and affordable solution for racking.
  • Hanwha panels are made in China and the #1 selling panel in the world.
  • Canadian Solar panels are the #2 panel and made around the world including China and Canada.
  • 25 year warranty
  • Black frame with white backsheet at no extra cost
  • String inverters such as the Fronius, SMA, and ABB. These are the top inverter companies in the world.
  • Fronius is a stage inverter.
  • SMA Sunnyboy has the option of an offgrid outlet.
  • This is a great choice for systems with little to no shading problems.
  • If one panel shuts down it will cause the other panels on that string to stop producing as well.

Better Systems Synopsis

Better Systems might be considered a little luxury for some, but the extra elements can go a long way when it comes to efficiency and your own peace of mind.